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Ashtanga Yoga – Mysore Style

Mysore style is the traditional method of learning Ashtanga yoga as taught by  Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India for 65 years. His grandson Sharath and daughter Sarswati now carry on the tradition.

Please note: Mysore-style classes are not 2 hour classes and have a flexible start and finish time. Please email for your individual time slot

Students practice invividually, learning the Ashtanga sequence of poses at a pace suitable for them, guided by the teacher who gives hands-on individual adjustments and verbal instruction when necessary. The pace and intensity of each Mysore style class is specific to the needs and skill-level of each individual student.  These classes are an effective method for learning Ashtanga yoga.

Counted class – Primary Series

The teacher facilitates the class by calling out the traditional Sanskrit vinyasa count for each posture of the Primary Series. Vinyasa refers to movement synchronised with breath. The entire class moves and breathes in unison – it is a powerful and focused class. Counted class is very beneficial to focus the mind, connect with the breath, feel the rhythm of the practice, and correctly learn the vinyasa count which then helps refine daily self-practice. This class is not recommended for complete beginners, but all current Mysore students are encouraged to make the counted class part of their weekly routine.

New and Full Moon Days in 2018*

New Moon Full Moon
Jan 2 Jan17
Jan 31 Feb 15
Mar 2 Mar 17
Mar 31 Apr 16
Apr 30 May 15
May 29 Jun 13
Jun 28 Jul 13
Jul 27 Aug 11
Aug 26 Sep 9
Sep 25 Oct 9
Oct 24 Nov 7
Nov 23 Dec 7
Dec 22

* No Mysore class is held on the day of the new or full moon.

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